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10-10-23 minutes

Studio 299 Board Minutes

October 10, 2023

Present: Gil and Mediha Saliba, Michaela Walston, Ann Thompson, Kristen Pittsenbarger, Lucetta McLean, Rozz Taplin, Sharon Grover, Randy Webb

New Board member Randy Webb was introduced to the rest of the board.

The calendar for October is really busy:

*Steam punk opera October 13. 14

Starts at 8:00 Entrance is by donation of $10. 10% of proceeds goes to the Studio.

*Sewing October 21, Saturday

Do we want to continue thru the winter months. November and December are always packed with family coming or going out of town. Sharon suggested we skip November and December and see how the weather is in January.

We discussed Alice’s massage friend. She wants to come to certain Studio 299 events to offer her services with chair massage. She is from McKinleyville, and we have our local artist Greta who does chair massages. It was decided that if Alice's friend intended to come she should get prior approval from the board, and there should be a minimal fee charged to her. Mediha will canvas the sewing group and see who is interested in having massages, and then contact Alice's friend.

*Liz’s Bead and Prism Workshop October 22 Sunday, 12-3

This will be a workshop where people can make whatever they want with all the beautiful beads and prisms she brings. Cost is $20, with half going to Studio 299. She will also bring some snacks and drinks for participants.

*Social Club

Michaela says right now she has help from some of her friends, but it would be good if there were member of the board she could call on if she needed someone to take money at the bar or take orders for the kitchen. If members take 1/2 and hour - an hour rotation it should not be a problem.

Alice's friend, the chair massage lady, asked if she could come to Social Club with her chair. Michaela, as well as other board members did not feel that was the right venue for massage.

Alice's friend also wanted to come to the Holiday Boutique but backed out when she heard there was a booth fee.

Michaela was hoping Leah May would cook for Social Club on October 19, as Javier and Stephanie are not yet back, but Leah has not returned her calls so Michaela will be cooking.

Michaela is thinking the last Social Club will be November 16, just before Thanksgiving. She is hoping to make it a holiday cocktail theme. Then Social Club will go into Winter break for November, December, January and return for Valentine’s Day.

*The imagined Thanksgiving with wild food pot luck is still up in the air and we have not decided on a date..


Michaela will make a halloween dinner for kids before they go trick or treating. Ann will be helping her. It will be some kind of finger food. Small pizza, etc.

They will serve from 4:30-6:30. It will be free to the community kids.

There will be a Halloween photo booth.

Mediha will check to see if we could get pumpkins from Trinity River Farm.

Michaela ordered a photo booth

Mediha will check for bails of hay.

Gil will check for Hess corn stalks.

Initially Michael wanted to enter the scarecrow making contest, but after considering her schedule, she cancelled the idea and Mediha notified the board.

*Holiday Boutique

Mediha has been contacting artists. So far we have:

Gil and Mediha



Sharon and Rozz

Lucia (Hess Ranch)

Jennifer Petterson (night photography)

Juliana Mae. (Native jewelry)

Nancy Stanley

Chelsey Thompson (jewelry and hats)

Julie Love (beaded jewelry)

Liz Brunner (hangs)

Josh and Nicole ( wood)

Audrey Henshel(sun dyed art)

Greta Pittsenbarger (art and massage)

Autumn Star and Erin (jewelry and pottery

Creekside Breakfast snacks and coffee

Carrie Wooden

Harvest Moon

Alice Crone

Judy Gallamore

Tori Witty

We need a raffle basket person

Michaela will do the bar and raffle. Randy volunteered to help Michaela with the bar and raffle.

We will have two raffle baskets. Sharon Grover will put together one and Mediha will work on the other.

What artists do we want to put inside the gallery? Jennifer Peterson will need wall space for her night photography. Gil will have the back wall and counter tops for his woodworking. We can, and should put more people in the gallery. Let us see who will not have a tent.

We discussed if we should put people in the back, under the metal awning. Everyone on the board said no. They felt customers never made it back there. It was better left for people having lunch.

December 5

Julie Stewart wants a cook, but her party is at the VFW. Do we want to help people out with “our cooks” if they are not in our space?

After some discussion it was decided that that would be a good idea to help our local chefs get a job. Monique is interested and will contact Julie about December 5.

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