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11-3-22 Minutes

Present: Ann Thompson, Rozz Taplin, Sharon Grover, Lucetta McLean, Donna Goldfarb,

Gil and Mediha Saliba, Michaela Walston, Kristin Pitsenbarger

Kristin Pitsenbarger, our new board member, introduced herself to the board.

Old Business:

* We found a local man to help with the weeds. He and his partner have irradiated the weeds, and put new weed mat down. Miller’s, on the coast brought a truck load of chips, but we need a second truck load. They will keep us posted.

*Michaela has started her line dancing on Tuesday nights. It is a small group but people are having fun.

*The firefighters fund raiser on October 22 went really well. It was well attended and donations for the firefighters was great.

*Whitson’s is still working on that leak in our parking area. They came out to see it and said they will let us know what they plan to do. It is again the neighbor’s leak but affecting out parking.

New Business:


The board decided that we should be at the Studio all day on Friday to set up and decorate. Artists are expecting to come from 3-5 to bring their tents and anything they want to leave in the gallery overnight, but the board now feels they can come any time. It was decided that board members will be there by 10:00 AM

How many raffle baskets do we want?

We will have to see how many things are donated.

Sharon suggested 3 baskets. One basket of local art, one of wine, one comfort basket with a blanket, candles, chocolates. Something like that. Michaela will bring some baskets. Donna, Rozz, and Kristin will make up the baskets on Friday morning. Donna and Kristin will be the greeters the day of the event and be at the raffle table.

*There are some kids who would like to have a booth. There was some discussion on whether to charge them or not. It was decided that they could have a booth and be charged only 10% of earnings (or $30) which ever is less, as sometimes they sell very little.

*Creekside’s parent organization CAE will sell coffee and breakfast breads.

*Kitchen Menu:

Vegan butternut stew

Pulled pork sliders

Mac and Cheese

There will be some sides to go with the entrees.

*If it rains, we will have to scramble for dry spaces. We could use the lunch area and the gallery as well as areas in front of the gallery and the kitchen. Let’s pray we don’t have rain.

*If it is dry but cold, Gil and Mediha will bring their propane heaters. Mediha and Gil will also bring their outdoor fire pit and some wood.

*The tree signs need to be washed and put out the Sunday before the event, Nov. 13.

Gil will need help putting out the heavy tree signs

*Mediha and Gil will put out the Holiday banners this weekend

*Mediha passed out the laminated fliers for board members to put at different businesses.

*Michaela will talk to Trish and see if we can use next door for parking.

Meeting adjourned at 6:10

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