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3-26-2024 minutes

Present: Randy Webb, Tatton Blackner, Michaela Walston, Gil and Mediha Saliba, Lucetta and Robby McLean, Kristen Pittsenberger, Heather from Ink People,

Meeting was called to order by Mediha Saliba at 4:00 PM

*. Mediha introduced Heather from Ink People who wanted to talk to the board regarding collaborating with Ink People, on the coast. Heather is CFO of Ink People and can be reached at:

Ink people would like to reach out to the edges of their county. They are interested in collaboration with Studio 299. They would like to do a joint Open Studio, but would need at least 5 studios in our area to be open to the public. Heather also brought information regarding a grant available to innovative organizations and thought that it was something we could apply for. Ink People is interested in cultural programs with the tribes, and is currently work with the tribes in their area.

As it is already too late to participate in any Open Studio this year, the board decided that they should canvas the artists and ask if anyone is interested. Driving to all the small studios in our mountains make it really hard, and studio 299 would have to see if there are more studios available in Willow Creek. Tatton wondered if we could get artists to set up a temporary studio at Studio, but Heather felt it was more in keeping with what they were thinking to have separate studios. Mediha will ask around, as we have a year to work on it.

Cultural projects are something we could work on with the Hupa, Karuk, and Yurok.

Mediha felt that one thing Ink People could do for us is offer teachers to teach classes in different arts, as there has not been any response for teachers from the Willow Creek or surrounding areas.

Old Business:

We still need to put our rental information on the web. Michaela and Mediha need to get together to create updated reservation forms before we can do that.

New Business:

*. We had a short discussion on rental guidelines. The board agreed that we should rent predominantly to arts and arts education programs, cultural, and community social events.

*. Farmer’s Market:

NCGA is actively looking for a Willow Creek Farmer’s Market manager and have reached out to Mediha to help spread the word. Serval ladies have been in touch with Mediha to get market information and Mediha has directed them to the information at NCGA. We would, of course, like to see a successful Farmer’s Market and Mediha will be happy to continue offering space at the market to artists, but with the Social Club moving toward a Private Club she and Gil will be needed at the Studio. Mediha will again check with artists and see who would like to go to the Farmer’s Market.

Last year, not all the artists were happy because the market was so slow.

*. April 5 from 12:30- to a round 3:00 the board will have a clean up day. Members will meet at Studio 299 to clean benches of spiders and webs, touch up chipped paint in the gallery, and maybe clean the water fountain and oven and vents in the kitchen. Also we will bring out the cloth divider to hide the outdoor kiln.

*. April 13, 5-7 PM. Social club opening membership drive:

Ann and Michaela will make appetizers. It will be open to the public. ABC is in place. We will give out membership cards to those who have paid their membership, and see if others would like to join with a membership.

Entrance fee will be $10, food will be free, beer and wine will have a cost.

Michaela requested that we reach out to Jeannie Tussey to ask if we could feature her baskets in the gallery durning this event. Jen Peterson will have her photography up and Michaela is ordering cabinets to display pottery by Tatton and Lucetta, as well as Rozz’s glass work. We still have room for other artists on the walls.

Socials Club:

The first official social club will be Thursday, April 18, 5-9

Stephanie and Javier will again be the chefs for these evenings.

There was some discussion on offering a Sunday brunch. It was decided that we wait until the weather is warmer and then we can try 4 or 5 consecutive Sundays to see how it is received by the community.

In the event that Michaela will have another job, she has a couple of ladies in place to pour drinks.

*. April 27, Saturday, 10-4, Spring Festival and Plant sale:

We need more outreach for this event. Kristen and Gil will collaborate on where to send info. We already have artists wanting to buy a booth for the event.

*Peach Festival: Mediha asked if there was any interest in doing a peach festival as has been done in the way past. After some discussion it was decided that maybe it would be best to include that into a social club night, where people could bring jams and jellies, salsa, pies and such. Maybe even have a best pie contest. More discussion will need to happen when Peach season approaches.

*Miscellaneous things:

We need to ask Ron James what he used on the Facia boards so we can refresh them this year.

Randy will add 6 more lights in the gallery to give a little more floor lighting.

The board approved a purchase of 2 free standing shelves for pottery and glass art.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30

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