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5/18/2021 Minutes

Updated: May 22, 2021

Studio 299 Center for the Arts

minutes May 18, 2021

present: Gil and Mediha Saliba, Michaela Walston, Sharon Grover, Rozz Tapplin, Ann Thompson, Suzanne Murphy, Liz Brunner

Creekside report

Last day of school is June 3, with graduation that night, 6-8 PM.

School will start again on September 14.

While school is out Studio 299 will continue to have their cleaning crew clean

once a week at our cost.

There is a possibility of a school summer program that will go for one week. The school has to survey the parents as to when

Creekside will resume paying a rent of $1000.00/month.

Treasurer’s report

Gil Saliba gave the treasurers report.

Old Business:

May Day event went well.


last month the board voted against spending too much on website;

Mediha would look into getting a website through Wix.

New Business:

• Website: Mediha has been working to build a new and simple website.

It should go live on Wednesday, June 19.

It will be connected to the new Instagram account that Mediha has set up for Studio 299.

• Kitchen:

Ann reported on the new event scheduled for June 12, 6-9PM.

It will have music, serve tapas, and have beer and wine. Louis will be the chef with Erin and Ann helping.

They will pre-sell tickets for $20.00 and at the door for $25.00. Beer and wine are separate.

Adults only, and no pets.

Ann suggested we have the gallery open with art on the walls for sale,

and maybe have a raffle.

• Forest Service- ornaments for Capital Christmas Tree

We will have 2 or 3 ornament making days at Studio 299

We will know more when Forest Service brings some supplies after school lets out. The monthly quilters will make the quilted ornaments.

• Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber has gotten in touch with us to ask if any artist could help with the painting of “Welcome To Willow Creek” sign on the East side of town. The sign will also be moved from Buddies to BigFoot Restaurant. Ron James is doing the frame.

Mediha checked with various artists and Carrie Mayfield offered her help. Mediha directed her to the Chamber for details.

Linsey Jones letter

Linsey, from the Chamber of Commerce wrote a letter to Studio 299 to ask if we had any artists who would like to manage the Chamber Information booth in return for allowing them to sell their art at the same time.

They also said they would write a grant to Coast Central in the hopes of providing Studio 299 with a new kiln, potting wheels, clay, and glazes, if we would commit to selling wares made in said kiln at the Chamber Information booth.

She also asked if the W.C Cannabis Alliance could rent the kitchen on August 14 for an educational dinner.

There was much discussion surrounding these three topics. It was decided that Mediha would send out an email to artists asking if they were interested in managing the Chamber information booth while exhibiting and selling their art. Those interested could contact the Chamber directly.

In regards to the Coast Central grant, the board felt it would be better to keep things clean. If the Chamber wanted to gift Studio 299 items for the pottery studio, it should not have strings attached. Too many of the pottery students are attached to their wares and have no interest in selling them.

On the subject of the Cannabis Alliance renting Studio 299, the board voted that as members of the community they could rent the facility provided they complied with community kitchen rules. A person with a food-safe certificate will be in charge and all clean up procedures will be followed. There will be an extra charge if they use the gallery and if they use our tables and chairs.

Mediha will report back to Linsey with the Board’s thoughts.

• Mediha posted on Facebook if there were any members of the community who wanted to offer classes at Studio 299.

Violet Thomas responded with possibly doing a sewing class for kids.

Marilyn Allen responded with possible doing clay hand-built spirit houses

• Jeremy, an art teacher from Hoopa stopped by and spoke with Creekside.

He is possibly interested in working with our pottery group.

• Carrie Watty from the Board of Education contacted Studio 299 regarding the Cannabis Dispensary proposed to go in on Hwy. 299.

Her concerns were that Studio 299 and Creekside Learning Center, where kids are routinely active, is located within the 600 yard boundary of the Dispensary and that we should therefore contact the building department and complain of the Dispensary opening.

Mediha called the Building Department, and spoke with Megan Acevedo who is in charge of this permit. Miss. Acevedo checked the location of Studio 299 with the proposed site of the Dispensary. Studio 299 is 690 yards away from the proposed Dispensary, so the Dispensary is within the legal right to open.

No further discussion was had on the subject.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30PM.

Next meeting Thursday, June 3, 2021

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