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6-12-22 Minutes

Present: Gil and Mediha Saliba, Michaela Walston, Lucetta McLean, Donna Goldfarb, Ann Thompson, Razz Taplin, Sharon Grover

Old Business

We had a good May. Whitson’s came out and checked the kitchen. We needed a new relay and he will be installing on June 2.

Today is the last day of school and graduation is tomorrow.

New Business:

June 15, Wednesday 5-6:30 Watercolor class $20, with Gretchen Immel

June 26, Sunday 10-4 Willow Branch basket class $100, Gretchen Immel

The kitchen is being used by Breon every Tuesday thru the summer

The kitchen is being used by Sara Johnson every Thursday thru the summer

June 18, 10 - 3 sewing

June 24, 3-5 PM poetry platform

June 24, 6-8 PM Fun with Beads

Pottery is every Friday and Saturday

The kiln was fired with a bisque firing and all went well.

Kathleen Sonn wants to do a music night on July 17. The board approved the evening.

They will do publicity. Kathleen will finalize with Mediha

Lucetta is considering a macramé plant hanger class.

The school cleaning crew will finish in June. Mediha will hire a new crew starting July.

Michaela will begin emptying the cabinets of school supplies, so Studio 299 will have more space. Some of the school tables will stay in the gallery for Studio 299 to use. Some of the picnic tables will stay as well.

The red shed will get cleaned out except for art supplies that can be used by Studio 299.

Trash pick up will end at the end of June and bill will transfer to Studio 299.

The school will let us know what will be done with the Wi-Fi, as we would like to keep Wi-Fi at Studio 299.

Sharon suggested a calendar be generated on Google. Michaela has offered to create one.

In the meantime Mediha will email all board members an updated calendar of events.

Ann and Mark will put up the shade cloth for the Back Door Cafe.

Fire and Ice is coming along and people have notified Mediha of artwork.

July meeting we will finalize more regarding food and art set up.

We know the time will be 4-7 with the open-mic at 5.

There is a leak (belonging to the neighbor) again in our parking lot. The neighbor is trying to fix it but has been sick. CSD knows about the leak, but has not been helpful

July 7, next meeting

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