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7-11-23 minutes

Present: Gil and Mediha Saliba, Michaela Walston, Ann Thompson, Lucetta McLean, Sharon Grover, Razz Taplin,

Meeting called to order by president Mediha Saliba at 4:00

Old Business:

We needed a second refrigerator in kitchen as the kitchen was getting more rental use and the Studio 299 Social Club is doing really well. The refrigerator arrived, was in stalled and is working well to support all the chefs.

New Business:

* We need to have people make a nonrefundable deposit for kitchen rentals because the kitchen is getting so busy, and some have cancelled last minute. The deposit can be applied to their hours if they follow through with their rental.

* We need to clarify issues with trash take out.

* PJ asked to use the property for a children’s pottery camp, for a week or more. Mediha said no, due to past issues. The board unanimously agreed that PJ’s request would not be possible as Studio 299 is moving in new and creative ways.

* July 29th paint and sip class. Saturday from 3-6. $40. They must register with Carrie and pay their $ deposit.

* Carrie is open to offering mommy and me, couples, etc. classes as well.

* Social Club is going really well. As part of social club Michaela will try to offer some new activities.

* Libby will do SING along, the first Thursday of the month from 7-8

* Second Thursday of the month, line dancing.

*. Third Thursday, outdoor games or collaborative art project

*. Fourth Thursday live music

* The fourth Saturday of every month starting in August we will host art parties. That means we will host several artist for people to do a variety of activities that day, such as mosaic, tye dying. . . It will be free to come in and watch, but artists will charge for the class, giving studio 299 15%. We are thinking it will run from 10-4, but there will be special slots for artists to teach in so that they do not have to be there the whole day if they don’t want to. Details still need to be worked out as we gather artists who will participate. The kitchen will be open to serve food on that day.

Those dates will be August 26, September 23

September 30th we are considering doing a moon event paint and sip. Time is yet to be set

To all these events, KIds are welcome if accompanied by their parent, and are participating with them.

*. Michaela asked Lucetta if she could offer moon macrame. Lucetta will do some research on it and get back to Michaela.

*. Michaela would like to do holiday art making classes starting in October. Maybe the pottery studio can make ornaments, the kitchen can do holiday cookies, other art crafts etc. . .

* Michaela would like to do some live music concerts. Oyster Baes is a good group., and so is Canary and the Vamp. It is already too late to set this up for this year but perhaps something to think about for next summer. Music groups are expensive and we would have to do a cover charge to break even unless we could get a grant to off-set some of the cost.

* We talked about some kind of stage. Perhaps just a trailer?? Michaela said maybe we could have a movable stage at some point. Perhaps we could put out a call on Facebook for people to donate wood to build a stage.

* Josh and Nicole, fellow artists, are wanting to make some big wooden games for out side. A big cribbage board, and connect four. How wonderful would that be??

Meeting adjourned at 5:30.

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