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7-7-22 Board Minutes

Present: Michaela Walston, Ann Thompson, Rozz Aucella-Taplin, Sharon Grover, Lucetta McLean, Robby McLean, Donna Goldfarb, Gil Saliba, Mediha Saliba,

Old Business

The thermostat for the kitchen oven is still back ordered. Part cost is $306. The parts department has no estimated time as to when they might have it. If and when it comes, Allen’s appliance charges $500 to instal. When the part arrives we will see if Campora can install for less.

June’s watercolor class and weaving class with Gretchen was successful and well received.

The watercolor classes are ongoing every other week on Wednesday evenings 5-6:30.

Creekside still cleaning things up. We have more room in the gallery cabinets as well as in the Red shed.

New Business

Insurance company did a walk through and said we need to have a certified company clean the ducts of the kitchen oven hood. It took Mediha a week to locate a company who would come to our area. Tip Top exhaust out of Redding will be out July 11, Monday. Mediha will wait for them. Cost of cleaning is $425.00.

The kitchen Freezer started losing temperature. Mediha has been trying to get a hold of Mac’s Refrigeration for repairs (apparently they are the only one around). They have not called back to schedule and appointment. As per suggested, Mediha and Gil vacuumed the compressor and then reprogrammed the freezer according to the manual. It is working for the moment.

We have a list of activities happening in July:

July 6, 5-6:30 PM Wednesday. Watercolor class with Gretchen

July 15, 10-12 Saturday. Pottery hand building class with Gretchen. Cost is $60 and includes 3 classes, all materials, and two firings.

July 16, 10-2 Sewing

July 17, Sunday. Music event organized by Kathleen Song. Cost is $20, order your tickets at

July 18, Monday 2-4 Class #2 for Pottery.

July 20, 5-6:30 PM Wednesday. Watercolor class with Gretchen.

The kiln will be fired at the end of the month with art working from the Pottery class

August 5, 10-12 Pottery class #3 Glazing.

The activity in the kitchen is picking up. We have regulars in twice a week, with additional people doing pop-up dinners to go.

Gretchen is hoping to use the kitchen to do a lotion making class in August.

Special Thank you to Liz Brunner who continues to water the flower box on the property.

It has never looked so good.

We need to be mindful of added bills now that Creekside has moved across the street and we no longer get rent money. We are now responsible for



Cleaning Crew


August 6 Fire and Ice Event 4-7 with 5 PM poetry reading and story telling

Ann is doing finger food, and we will make drinks available.

We will have a meeting on August 4th to finalize everything for the Fire and Ice event

We will set up on Friday 10-12

Mediha is contacting those artists who have already shown interest and trying to get a few more artists who may be interested.

Mediha made a hard copy of the July calendar and handed it to each of the board members.

Michaela will make an effort to get the calendar on line for everyone to access.

Meeting adjourned 6:10

Next meeting August 4, 5:00 PM

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