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8-8-23 Minutes

Present: Ann Thompson, Rozz Taplin, Lucetta and Robby McLean, Michaela Walston,

Gil and Mediha Saliba

Old business:

The art party for the 26th with multiple artists didn’t get any momentum so we canceled,

But Katie from Nature’s Mosaic will be doing a class on making mosaic jewelry. Her class will run from 11-1 and include mimosas and a light brunch.

New business:

*Gil Saliba made a motion that he would like to make Studio 299’s checking account a single signer for checks instead of two signers, so that he can do baking on-line. Both Gil Saliba and Michaela Walston will continue to be able to singly write checks. The board voted unanimously that that would be a good idea.

*Kurt Hippen a resident of Burnt Ranch wants to teach banjo lessons locally and is asking if Studio 299 can offer him a place. At the moment he has one student. The board felt that DreamQuest was a better fit for him as they have a music room, and we only have the gallery and would have to charge him a half day fee of $50.

He did not offer at any details yet, as to whether he planned to expand the amount of students or what day he was hoping to get.

Mediha would get back to Kurt and explain the situation and see where it goes.

*August 12, 3-6 Paint and sip class with Carrie. Ann will be doing the wine and food for the class.

* August 18, 7:00 PM Steve Thomas has rented the kitchen for his outdoor fish dinner.

* August 19th quilters will be meeting in the gallery from 10-2 Mediha will be there to let them in and close.

*August 26 jewelry mosaic class 11:00-1. Katie wanted to do her own food and drinks. We are allowing her to do that but it brings up the question as to whether we should let people supply their food and drinks when we have the facility to do that. We tabled this for further discussion. Katie will be paying either the $50. for the gallery or 15% for each student, which ever is less.

* Pottery update: Pottery is going well. We are considering moving the Friday class to Saturday because some potters are work during the week or are kids. Mediha will survey the potters and see what they would prefer.

* Kitchen update: The kitchen is staying busy with locals renting space for Farmer’s Market and pop-up dinners, as well as the very successful Social Club day.

*Social Club update: Michaela has contacted Nicole and Josh to see if their big games are ready for the Social Club game night. They were going to make some giant Jenga, connect 4, & ring toss

Do we want some kind of prize when we have games?

Do we want to have a Studio 299 wood coin that can be used for things?

Do we want to get donations for prizes?

Ann said Mark would like to have a Texas Hold-um game.

Lucetta has a connect 4. Can we borrow it.

* Site Managers update:

* Michaela has applied for two grants. The first is from Coast Central for $11,200. We are hoping to expand what we can offer to the community.

* The other grant is a Venmo Small business grant for $10,000.

* Michaela suggested that we offer Studio 299 as a place where businesses can rent the gallery for banquets, meetings, or training sessions. We can also offer the gallery for rehearsal dinners. For all of these we can offer food from the kitchen whether it is just coffee and scones for a morning meeting or more formal dinners.

We should advertise this on Instagram, Facebook, as well as the website.

Michaela will also make a handout.

* Regarding grants. We may consider looking at grants so that we can help seniors. Maybe we can offer chair yoga with a tea or brunch? Bingo?

* We need to join the Chamber of Commerce as they too have become more active and are promoting Willow Creek more.

* We need to develop in advance a calendar for the year, so that we can post it.

Events to think about:

* Art show featuring Jennifer Peterson, Morgan, Rozz Taplin.

* Do we want to do something for Halloween?

scarecrow? Tricker treaters? A pre-tricker treat party? Pumpkin carving?

* Christmas decoration making. Christmas cookie making.

Some things for our wish list:

* Michaela suggested that maybe we could build a small 1/2 wall of wood or stainless like a wains coat with a counter top in the outdoor eating area. This would serve as an outdoor bar-like counter for eating, as well as make the area more safe.

* We could remove the lockers originally used by Creekside School and do art installations on that outdoor wall. Art could be painted on ply wood and inserted, so that we could change the art periodically.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30

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