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9-12-23 Minutes

Attendance: Michaela Walston, Ann Thompson, Lucetta McClean, Kristin Pitsenbarger

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Michaela Walston

Upcoming Happenings:

Fri. 9/22: Seafood Dinner

Fri 9/29: Paint Bug Full Moon Paint and Sip 6-9

Sat 9/30: Sharon’s Mosaic and Mimosas 10-1

Sat 10/7: Gretchen’s Ice Dyeing

Fri 10/13 & Sat 10/14: Redbud Theater Performances

Redbud Theater/In Good Company: Use of Gallery

This will be a trial run. We can revisit after we see how it goes. They are schedules for rehearsals on Sunday the 8th and Wednesday the 11th with performances on the 13 and 14.

Kristin voiced a concern regarding the next wave of Covid. Make appropriate signs.

We agree to try out charging them 10% of their door income. We will make additional money from selling drinks. We will discuss whether appetizer plates are something we want to do.

Halloween Dinner for Kids

Lucetta suggested 4:00-6:00 so that we can be done by dark

Photo booth suggested

Cancel if weather is bad

Dream Quest Art Program: Use of Gallery

Trish suggested Thursday Night Social Club for Youth Art Show. November 2 should work with Neca’s art class.

Should we pair it with adult art show?

Holiday Gift Boutique Saturday, Nov. 18 with set up on the 17th

How many confirmed artists do we have?

Let’s ask Audrey

Social Club for Fall and Winter

Close the Studio all of December and January???

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 PM

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