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April 7, 2022 Board Meeting

Studio 299 Minutes

April 7, 2022

Present: Mediha and Gil Saliba, Michaela Walston, Liz Brunner, Ann Thompson, Sharon Grover, Rozz Acella-Taplin

Old Business:

Kiln arrived and was put in place by volunteers TJ and Jeremy.

March was busy with Sharon’s successful Mosaic class, our monthly quilting group, and a poetry reading celebrating the newly released New York City From the Inside, as well as some originals from our locals. It was decided to try and have a monthly poetry gathering. The kitchen was rented for take out dinners.

New Business:

April is shaping up to be a busy month:

Friday April 8 from 10-2 the pottery studio will be open to clean, reorganize and talk to community members regarding how we would like to proceed with classes. We will be open every Friday from 10-2 and after school lets out we will be open more often.

April 11, the kitchen is rented.

Fridays, with the exception of Good Friday, the pottery studio is open.

Friday April 22 Poetry gathering from 3-5

Saturday April 23 Quilting from 10-2

Sunday April 24 Pine Needle Basket class 1-4

Saturday April 30 Quilt Show and Craft Fair 10-3

Ann is planning what she will cook for lunch

Creekside will do a raffle.

Liz will be taking over the planting and watching of flower beds.

Will Creekside be renting from us next school year?

Michaela said the school will be retracting and using only the site at 72 The Terrace. Studio 299 will not be receiving rent from the school so will have to budget differently. Sarah Thompson is hoping to rent a small space for meeting with independent study students. This will not impact any of the new and on going studio 299 classes.

As there is growing interest in renting Studio 299 by other organizations and individuals, there was much discussion around insurance and liability.

What is our bases for approval or disapproval of events?

We are a center for the arts, but we don’t want to alienate parts of our community.

As Studio 299 gets busier we may have to consider hiring an event planner/organizer.

May 14, Marina Pace, a Creekside parent, would like to use Studio 299 for a Creekside fundraiser. She would like to do a Havana nights theme with food and music by a DJ. Marina still has to finalize her plans. This event is pending, but time is getting short.

June 20 and July 25, Judy Nelson would like to do a formal dinner at Studio 299 for her Glamping Tour. It would include food and flowers from local farms. She would bring in an expert chef. Judy has not finalized her plans. She still has to get her insurance in place and Studio 299 cannot do anything without being additionally insured. We will wait to hear back from Judy and revisit approval or disapproval of this event.

Adjourned at 6:15

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