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Board Meeting Minutes 5-12-2022

Present: Razz Taplin, Sharon Grover, Gil and Mediha Saliba, Ann Thompson,

Donna Goldfarb, Lucetta McLean

Mediha introduced new board members Donna Goldfarb and Lucetta McLean


April 30 Quilt Show and Craft Fair

The event was not as well attended as we’d hoped, but everyone had a good time and the craft booths were happy with their sales. Plant sales for the school went well.

Ann Thompson did a great job in the kitchen with the taco bar. Everyone enjoyed the meal.


The Calendar for May events:

May 14th Marina Pace will be renting the kitchen to create take-out Indian dinner

May 14th Mediha will do the Break in firing of new kiln. Razz offered to come help

May 21 and 22 Willow Basket making class Her deposit for $100 has been paid

Liz will open the studio for her

June 3, school ends. Graduation that night.

1. The thermostat needs to be replaced on the left side of the kitchen oven. First quote was $320 for the part and $500 for service charge. Mediha ordered the part at $322, but it is back ordered and will not arrive for 30-40 days. In the meantime she will check to see if Campora can install.

2. Whitson’s was called to put a new relay in our swamp cooler system. They replace a switch

on the roof, then will call when the relay part is available and can be installed. Meanwhile

Everything works well.

3. The board felt that maybe the gallery could be repainted after the school kids leave. Mediha

asked the board members to think of what might work as well or better than the traditional

white gallery walls. Also, maybe we could paint the doors to make them look a little more


4. Trish at Dream quest would like for us to identify the worst areas along our shared fence

where berries and poison oak are undermining the fence. — The board walked out

together and identified the areas. Mediha will talk with Trish.

5. Fire and Ice Event:

August 6, 2022

It was discussed and decided to make the event from 4-7 PM, as it will be August and

could be hot. We will plan do the open-mic at 5:00 PM

Ann will do finger foods

Mediha will email vendors about the event and give them information

Sharon suggested we bring some small tables and chairs to the front area and decorate

with nice table clothes to make it look more attractive. The Board agreed.

6. The Board is considering some landscaping for the front of the property that will make it

more artistic. No ideas yet.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15 Next meeting June 2nd.

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