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Board Minutes 2-2-23

Present: Gil and Mediha Saliba, Kristin Pittsenbarger, Michaela Walston, Rozz Taplin.,

Ann Thompson.

Old Business

1. Credit card is in process: Michaela and Gil will be the cards holders.

2. Steve, a cook, wants to do a dinner every third Friday of the month from April thru September. His request for Thursday kitchen use every Thursday may be more complicated since we don’t know anything yet about Farmer’s market, whether it is here or if we will need the kitchen to cook for market. Mediha will talk to him.

New Business

1. Farmer’s Market: Jenna, Farmer’s Market Organizer, was supposed to come and let us know what is happening with this year’s market. She did not show, but later emailed Mediha still wanting to meet.

2. February 1 empanadas: Stephanie and Javier made empanadas for sale. They did not sell out. There are more in the studio 299 kitchen freezer. Stephanie will come on Friday from 10-12 if anyone wants to buy some. Stephanie will also be available if anyone wants to meet her at the kitchen.

3. February 11: Creeksdie renting kitchen for Fundraiser

4. We will have to start paying for trash and it should be around $30/mo.

Michaela will arrange it.

5. Update on social club: Michaela will get an ABC license for each social club event day.

March 25th is the grand opening for the social club. Michaela thinks that we should charge an entry fee and that will include a sample of food the drinks. Perhaps a fee of $20. Perhaps music would also be good. Michaela is looking into bands.

6. February 14 Valentine Day Event: We will know by the 10th how many people have bought tickets for the dinner. If we need extra chairs Ann will check with Creekside.

*Studio 299 has already sent in the money for the ABC

*We have put art on the walls.

*Monday, February 13, 10:00 AM we will meet to clean tables and chairs that are in storage,

And set up the tables in the gallery.

*Ann, Kristen, Rozz and Mediha have volunteered to be servers.

*Gil will man the bar.

*Javier wants Pinot Noir, Lager and sangria

*Mediha will check with Stephanie and Javier about how many is their minimum, and if we should cancel if the count is too low.

7. Cracks in ceiling and wall due to the earthquake in December. The insurance company will be coming out to check them out on February 10, 8:00. Mediha will meet them. Hopefully we will get some money so we can repaint.

8. Newsletter went out. Hopefully we will get a good response.

9. Erin and I checked out the kiln and pottery that was offered to Studio 299. The kiln was way to old and in bad condition. The pottery was greenware mold ceramics. We declined the offer.

10. Michaela made a motion for funds to purchase lights to string along the side and front fence to offer more lighting for the front area. The board approved unanimously.

11. Ann asked if the area of the back stage could be upgraded. It is an area that people naturally seem to gravitate to. Ann said her husband, Mark will look at the area and see what he can do.

12. Michaela asked how we should charge visiting chefs if they are cooking for a social night. Rather than charge them $10./hour perhaps we should just charge 15% of earnings.

Addendum: Mediha met with Jenna from the Farmer’s Market. The Market wants to pair with Studio 299 to bring artists to the Farmer’s Market. If you are a member of Studio 299 you will not be charged for a booth, but you must contact Studio 299 and get on the list of artists attending. The Market will thus far remain on Thursdays and will continue to be at Veteran’s Park.

The board adjourned at 6:15 PM

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