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Board minutes 5-4-23

Present: Ann Thompson, Michaela Walston, Rozz Taplin, Lucetta McLean, Gil and Mediha Saliba

Mediha Saliba called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM, earlier than usual due to scheduling conflict.

Old Business

April 15 opening of the Social Club was successful. The community seemed very happy with the idea of having a social club where people could gather informally and visit with friends. We had an attendance of 75 plus. The following Thursday, on the official Social Club day, it was also well attended.

The April 29th Craft Fair and Plant Sale was not well attended. Plants were sold, but there was not a lot of activity for the vendors. Perhaps it is the economy. We need to rethink this event.

We are considering not doing the event next year, or changing it up. The plant sale always goes well so maybe we can still have the plant fair. Rozz suggested we could do a few artists and the plant sale on social club night. The board seemed excited about that option. We will table this for now and revisit it later.

The May 20th Tempé cooking class has been cancelled. Jennifer Bell will call back and let us know if they can do another class some other time.

New Business:

Michaela gave a report on what’s happening with the Social Club. Stephanie and Javier will be the chefs every week for the Thursday Social Club and give 10% of dinner sales to Studio 299. The first Thursday they made street tacos and empanadas and the food sold out. Last week they made Argentinian sausage sandwiches and dessert crepes. They seem comfortable and happy in the kitchen.

There were several things that Michaela and Ann felt should be considered for the next Social Club night:

Have two lines. One for food, one for drinks, and both should collect their own money.

Put the menu on sandwich boards further back in the line so people can study them a head of time.

Have order slips for orders going to the kitchen.

With the Social Club going every week, and the kitchen renting out to several other community members, Michaela suggested we look into getting an additional refrigerator in the kitchen. The cost will be approximately $2000.

Ann made a motion to get a second refrigerator, Michaela seconded it, the motion passed unanimously.

Michaela created a Kitchen calendar. It’s getting very busy. The calendar was handed out to board members.

Leah May will be in the kitchen May 5 and 6, as well as on the 12th.

Steven Thomas has a dinner event he has rented the kitchen and the Studio 299 outdoor site on Friday, May 19. His dinners will be $60. /person, plus drinks. He is handling the ABC license and all things related to his event.

Saturday May 20th the sewing and quilting group will meet in the gallery from 10-2

Mediha continues to open the pottery studio every Tuesday and Friday from 10-12:30. There are some new students and Erin Hall continues to come up the first Saturday of the month to teach pottery.

Michaela continues to teach line dancing every Tuesday evening from 6 - 8:30 PM

One of the ovens in the kitchen is running to hot. Mediha will contact a repair person and try to resolve the issue as quick as possible.

Because there is so much going on at the Studio we have to move the board meeting day so as not to conflict with evening activities. Rozz made a motion to move the meeting from Thursday to the second Tuesday of the month at 4:00 PM, Gil seconded it, and it passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM, as we were now moving into Social Club hours.

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