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February 3, 2022 Minutes

present: Gil and Mediha Saliba, Michaela Walston, Ann Thompson, Sharon Grover, Rozz Aucella-Taplin

Meeting was called to order at 5:00 by president Mediha Saliba

1. 2021 Holiday Boutique:

We had a short discussion on the 2021 boutique. All in all, the boutique was a success and the community as well as the artists enjoyed themselves. Artists like the outdoor venue better than an inner venue, which studio 299 has done pre-Covid. This year the board voted to charge only a booth fee rather than 15% since the artists were managing their own art.

Board members observed and felt some things still needed adjusting.

a. if we do breakfast food and coffee, that booth should be closer to the entry of the property.

b. the back lunch area does not get enough traffic and we should not place artists back there.

c. if the gallery is open as well, we need to open the front doors for visibility, as well as have enough artists in there to make it more social for them.

d. there should only be one raffle and we need one special person to man the raffle table at all times.

2. New Events:

The Board had many ideas for new classes. Some ideas were painting class with beer and/or cider. A food fermenting cooking class. Cooking demonstrations followed by tastings. A dance band. All of the board will look into trying to schedule some of these new classes by contacting artists and craft people.

So far on the calendar, or soon to be finalized for the calendar we have the following.

a. Quilting group continues to meet monthly in the gallery.

b. Mosaic class March 12, 10-12:30 with Sharon Grover

c. Spring Fling: late April OR early May. We will have quilts filling the

gallery, plant starts, food from the kitchen, and some new booths,

revolving around spices, herbs, food prep, dehydrating . . .

e. Fire and Ice (an art show showcasing the 2021 Fire and Snowstorm). We are planning this for July or August. The show will be open to all artists wanting to express their experience of the two catastrophic events. Paintings, photography, woodworking, ceramic, quilts, poetry, short stories, whatever your creative mind allows.

It will be an all day event with poetry and short story readings in the evening with appetizers and drinks.

3. The Kitchen has been used well this fall and winter.

Leah May will be doing a Valentine take-out dinner on February 11, 2022

4. Gil will get the 2022 Newsletter out this week.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15

Next meeting March 3, 5:00 pm in the Art Gallery

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