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Minutes 10-6-2022

Present: Michaela Walston, Ann Thompson, Lucetta McLean, Donna Goldfarb, Gil and Mediha Saliba, Rozz Taplin

Old Business:

* We are still looking for someone to help with the weeds in the front yard.

Mediha has made several calls and is waiting for callbacks. Once the weeds are gone

and the area is treated we can bring in new wood chips.

Gil has checked with Miller Farms on the coast and they can deliver wood chips.

*In preparation for social nights Michaela has purchased 16 Adirondack chairs.

She hopes to start with Tuesday line dancing.

* October 8: Creekside is having a fundraiser event, for the school. They will be using

the outdoors and the kitchen. We are just renting the space.

*October 22, 4-8: Carla from Miles Garret Winery (with Studio 299) is having a

fundraiser for the firefighters. They will be using the outside and the kitchen.

We are just offering the space.

New Business:

*The pipe under our driveway out front is leaking again, but in a different place. The

leak is in the pipe belonging to the neighbor.

Last month Studio 299 had Whitson’s out to fix it. There was no recognition about the

fix from the neighbor or CSD.

Mediha had CSD out to look at the new leak. It is again in the neighbor’s pipe and

CSD says it is not up to them to fix it. Mediha had Whitson’s out to look at it and

they said it will require removing the pavement some 8-10 feet, replacing the pipe

and then covering it again. Michaela will try to talk to the neighbor.

November 19 HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE, 10-4

Mediha requested that the board reach out to some new artists.

Mediha will look for garlands with which to decorate.

Michaela will wash the wooden trees out back to use for shelves in the gallery

Michaela will check with Creekside to see if they will do coffee and breakfast

muffins in the morning of the event.

Donna and Rozz will take care of putting the raffle basket together, and Donna will man

the raffle table the day of the event.

Gil will get the ABC license. He and Michaela will take care of the bar.

The board will decorate on Friday and be sure to be there from 3-5 PM so that

artists can begin bringing pop up tents and art. Art will be kept in the gallery over


Meeting adjourned 6:20

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