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Minutes 11-12-23

Present: Gil and Mediha Saliba, Michaela Walston, Ann Thompson, Rozz Taplin, Sharon Grover, Randy Webb, Tatton Blackner (guest)

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by president Mediha Saliba

Old Business:

*The freezer in the kitchen has been hopefully fixed by Town and Country refrigeration. The repair cost us $566.50 so we hope this solves the problem.

*The Social Club has been slowing down with the onset of colder weather. It was decided that November 16 would be the last evening until Spring.

New Business:

*A Kiln is being donated to the pottery studio. We will have to have an electrician out to get an outlet in place. They will be delivering the kiln on Thursday and it will have to be put together as it is in parts.

*Social Club:

November 16 will be the last Social Club of the season. Javier and Stephanie will be cooking. We will be offering clam chowder, cheese plates, empanadas, and dessert crepes. The Bar will offer hot toddies as well as beer and wine.

Gil reminded Ann and Michaela that we should try to get people’s email addresses so that we can update our membership list.

*Holiday Boutique:

As it looks like there will be rain in the forecast for Saturday, we need to make preparations to get some of our artists under cover. We can put more people in the gallery as well as use the lunch area in back. Although people don't necessarily like it back there, we will make it inviting.

On Friday to prep for the boutique we will need to:

*Move the lunch benches out of the lunch area

*Create a covered area for lunch to be eaten

*fill the propane tanks

Since there will be more to do in preparation for the artists arrival it was decided to come at 10:00 and stay the day.

We have 24 artists signed up to come.

Mediha will email all artists and ask that they let us know immediately if they plan to cancel.

Leah Mae will be doing the cooking for the Boutique event. She will be creating a variety of soups and quiches. Coffee and breakfast foods will be offered by Creekside.

*Sharon Grover suggested that next year we should close at 3:00 because it’s cold and people aren’t really coming that late. There was some discussion around how long to make the event. Some felt we should start at 11:00 instead of 10:00. Mediha felt that it is only one day and we should make it worth it for the artists. This year we will keep it from 10-4. Mediha will watch to see when people arrive and when they stop coming, but it is really effected by the weather. Good weather brings people out, cold weather sends them home early.

* Mediha suggested our next board meeting be a pot luck Christmas Party. Michaela suggested maybe a different day as Tuesday is not as conducive to a party evening, and Rozz suggested an earlier time, as she doesn’t drive at night. Tatton suggested a brunch.

Nothing was decided as yet. Michaela will see what date and time everyone can agree on.

Meeting adjourned at 5;20 PM

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