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Minutes 2-13-2024

Present: Michaela Walston, Lucetta McLean, Randy Webb, Gil Saliba, Mediha Saliba, Ann Thompson, Rozz Taplin, Tatton Blackner, Robbie McLean

Meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM by president, Mediha Saliba


• Paint and Sip classes:

Carrie did two classes this month, and would like to do that on a monthly bases if possible.

• Valentine art show.

This event was not well attended, unfortunately. The reasons are unclear. It could be due to the days of rain, that there were other Valentine events happening, or that people just weren’t ready to come out of their cozy homes.


•Our membership newsletter went out last month and there has been a good response. We raised our membership dues from $10 to $20.

Mediha suggested that we also raise the price of the kitchen rental from $10/hour to $15/hour. Everyone was in agreement as the price of propane has gone up as well electricity.

• Mediha suggested we change the day and time of our board meeting because as it stands we meet in the middle of the month which makes it difficult to plan for that month. Mediha suggested we meet the last Tuesday of each month at 4:00 PM.

Rozz made a motion that we change board meetings to the last Tuesday at 4:00. Gil seconded it. The measure passed unanimously.

Next meeting will be February 27, at 4:00 PM

• The Studio is getting busy with party rentals. Mediha asked if we should try to set a precedence of having people rent at least 30 days in advance so the board has time to be prepared. Michaela felt it should be more individual, because people don’t always plan that far in advance, but everyone agreed that last minute cancelations should cost them a percentage of their deposit. Deposit for rental is $100. If we hold the space for them and they cancel within 48 hours of the event, they lose $25 from the deposit.

Also we should make 1/2 day rental $100 and full day rental $175.

• We need to fix the gallery lights. Some are damaged and we think that may be causing the circuit breaker to trip. We are checking in with an electrician, Jake Bailey. He has not yet gotten back to us with an estimate. He will also be running electrical for the recently donated kiln. If we don’t hear from him by this weekend Mediha will call again on Monday.

• Ukulele classes with Ramona:

Ramona wants to do beginning Ukulele classes running five consecutive weeks and then a jam session at the end, perhaps at Social Club. She would like to charge $15/class. And she’s thinking of times like 5:30-6:30 or maybe 3:00-4:00 on a Friday. Her minimum is 8, maximum 12. Ramona lives in Wichipek and comes out only on Fridays.

The board felt that the 3:00-4:00 time slot would be better because the Studio is often busy in the evenings. We should just rent her the space for $20/ hour.

It shouldn’t be on a night where we can do a bigger venue.

She needs to create a flier.

Mediha will speak to her about the board’s thoughts.

• There is an interest in a community jam nights. We can work that around Social Club

Maybe people would be interested in an Open mic night as well.

• Mediha asked if the board was interested in participating in BigFoot Daze? It’s July 13. Theme is Disco. It will require work and everyone would need to help. Michaela suggested we table it for now and revisit it in a couple of months when we have ideas on what we might want to do.

• The Chamber of Commerce is applying for a grant to do murals in Willow Creek. They would like Studio 299 to locate artists who would help. Carrie Bailey is one who has already volunteered. The hope is that there will be money to pay the artists something.

The board felt we should put something out on our Facebook to call for artists, and have those artists get in touch with the Chamber.

The Chamber has not yet received the grant so Mediha will keep in touch with them.

• Do we want to do a spring festival?

Yes, we will do a Spring festival tied into the Creekside plant sale. We are aiming for the last weekend in April. The 27th. Ann says she can make a simple lunch from the kitchen. Tatton suggested that we have the plant displayed further in the property so that people will have to walk past the artists to get to the plants.

Mediha felt that people who are members should get more in return. As well as entry to Social Club they should get a break for their art booth at various events. For the Spring festival members would pay $25/booth, non-members $35/booth. The Holiday Boutique is bigger and booths will be $30 for members. $40 for non-members.

The quilters want to start their monthly sewing again. They will start in April on the 3rd Saturday of the month, unless there is an event. Next quilters meeting will be April 19, from 10-2

Sharon Grover, our Vice President, is moving out of the area. The board accepted her resignation and we will look for a replacement.

Updates from Michaela:

• Our Social Club nights will have to continue on a weekly basis.

Michaela wants to start the Social Club season the first week of April.

• Studio gift shop:

Michaela will do a shout out to artists who may want to show their art and if we do that we will have to have someone oversee things. Maybe the shop could be open on pottery days.

Rozz suggested the artists could take turns.

Michaela said we would need cabinetry, and showed us computer images of glass cabinets that would be good. She will do a further search but has the board approval to make the purchase.

We would probably need signage on the corners.

Members would donate 15% of their sales, non members 30%.

Mediha suggested that there should maybe be more than one person overseeing the gift shop.

Gil suggested that maybe we get some Art videos to show to help pass the time as well as be an added benefit of the gift shop.

We need a central email list that Michaela can access. Mediha will give her access to the Studio 299 email.

Michaela would like to write a grant for the building of the back outdoor counters and new water dispenser system.

• Eventually, after the sewer system goes in we will get rid of the wood chips and put in an outdoor dance floor and stage. This will require another grant, and is still a ways in the future.

Adjourned 5:30

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