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minutes 2-27-24

Present: Rozz Taplin, Ann Thompson, Gil and Mediha Saliba, Michaela Walston, Lucetta McLean, Randy Webb

Old Business:

*Gallery lights: Randy will look up the lights the board approved, and order them.

He will install them and we can see if we’d like to order more.

*Cabinetry for the gallery. We would like to order the approved cabinetry for the small gift shop we’d like to set up, but we first need to see what artists are willing to commit to a gift shop. Michaela will do a shout out to artists and see where we go from there.

*Michaela submitted the grant for the water hydration system and shade umbrellas. We are asking for $5000.00 from Coast Central.

New Business:

* Leah May will be renting the kitchen on march 8.

Amy Sawyer wants to do an Herb Planting class. She is not sure when, but wanted to know if she could rent space. We should just let her rent the space. $100 for 1/2 day in the gallery and $60 for 1/2 day in the outdoor area. Heater and BBQ are separate. Or, if she does only 2 hours class we could charge $15/ hour.

* We are increasing the kitchen fee to $15.00 due to the increase in PG&E as well as propane.

* Rozz suggested that we put all rental information on the website. We need to take a look at our paperwork and upgrade where we need to.

Michaela report

Michaela met with Javier and Stephanie. They want to continue Social Club on Thursdays.

They want to maybe do a Sunday morning brunch combined with a kids art activities so the parents can enjoy their meal. This would be from 10-1 as Javier and Stephanie work else where after that.

Since we do not know if there will be a farmer’s market in Willow Creek this summer, Michaela thought Studio 299 could reach out to the small hobby farmers who want to bring their fruits and vegetables studio 299. We could do either on Sunday, during Brunch or Thursday on Social Club night. The board liked Thursday night better.

* Social Club : Michaela suggest that we try to make the Social Club a private club. Membership is for those who have paid their dues. Randy suggested nonmembers can get a one time guest pass. All people on our membership list should get a membership card and show that card. We will also have a master list at the studio at all times.

We need to put signs up saying that we are a Private Club, and have someone at the gate.

* Ann made the motion that we should make the Studio 299 Social Club a Private Club. Michaela seconded it. It passed unanimously.

* Michaela talked with Jenn Peterson to see if we could have some of her art here as a more permanent display. Jenn will think about it.

* Rozz has some new glass art that are wall hangings and she would love to display them in the gallery.

* April 27 is the plant fair with other artists.

* Michaela will also call out vendors for possible fruit and vegetables for social club day.


Meeting Adjourned. 5:15

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