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Minutes 6-13-23

Present: Gil and Mediha Saliba, Michaela Walston, Ann Thompson, Kristin Pittsenbarger, Lucetta McLean

Meeting called to order by president Mediha Saliba at 4:00 PM

Old Business:

We need a second refrigerator as the kitchen is getting more rental use and the Studio 299 Social Club is doing really well. There is not enough room in the one existing refridgerator.

New Business:

* We purchased a second refrigerator for the kitchen and it arrived the first week of June. Thank you to all the helpers who got it in to the kitchen.

* As Studio 299 is getting more busy it was decided that we need a Site Manager. The board agreed that Michaela Walston was the best qualified and she was happy to take on the position as she is already organizing the Social Club. Her pay will be negotiated with the treasurer depending on how the Social Club expenses balance out.

The Social Club is well received in the community and Michaela would further like to offer line dancing once a month at the Social Club. At that time another member will take over serving at the bar.

* As the kitchen is getting busier and busier, Michaela would like to post a calendar for the kitchen in the kitchen so that cooks renting the kitchen can see when it is available and when the next person is coming in. Clean up is critical.

* The studio 299 checks needs two signatures. Presently the signers are Gil Saliba, Michaela Walton, Sharon Grover, and/or Lisa Ambrosini.

Lisa Ambrosini is no longer affiliated with Studio 299 and Sharon Grover is frequently unavailable. The board voted unanimously to remove Lisa Ambrosini and Sharon Grover as signers. The only two signers will now be Gil Saliba and Michaela Walton.

* Frontier phone company is not able to keep up with the repairs of their landline phones in our area. Mediha and Gil Saliba have dropped their landline and are only using their cell phones. Their landline has always been connected to Studio 299. From now on studios 299 will communicate with the community through email, Facebook messaging, or their website.

* Ann suggested that we do something to upgrade the back stage area. She could ask her husband Mark to assess what can be done. The board agreed that would be a good idea.

*Michaela brought examples of paperwork that could be used to clarify to the board as well as potential renters how the space can be rented and charges for those different spaces.

* Michaela will talk to Trish about the outdoor BBQ. Can we use the BBQ? Should we include a tank? Will Dreamiest be using the BBQ at all? There is an issue of cleaning it properly after use. It has not been used in many months and the wet weather has left the BBQ looking moldy.

*Mediha will talk to Trina about the availability of the Chamber of Commerce stage.

*Gil gave an update of activities at the Farmer’s Market. The Market has had minimal farmer, a few artists, and two plant people. Although it should be noted that the summer vegetables and fruit are not really out yet. Although the market is pleasant, there are few shoppers and it is difficult to stay there from 4-7PM. There is not always food there, so vendors get hungry as well.

Meeting adjoined at 5:45

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