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minutes 6-3-21

Studio 299 Minutes

June 3, 2021

As Creekside was having their graduation this evening on the Studio 299 site, the Board’s pot-luck meeting was held at the home of Liz and Steve Brunner.

Present: Liz and Steve Brunner, Sharon Grover, Rozz Taplin, Suzanne Murphy, Ann Thompson, Gil and Mediha Saliba

Meeting was called to order at 5:30 by Mediha Saliba

Old Business:

* Preparation for June 12th Music and Tapas Event

Much discussion around beer, wine, and what else we should have. It was decided that we would have Sangria and also Lemonade. All drinks will be handled by Studio 299. Sharon, Rozz, and Liz will work at the Bar.

Ann will be in charge of the kitchen.

The menu may have some of these:

Ceviche in corn cups or lettuce wraps

Spanish meatballs

stuffed cheese dates wrapped in prosciutto

polenta rounds

Samosas with mango chutney

homemade pretzels

Spanish torta

lemon tart

cherry tart

watermelon Granada

Ann would like us to bring flowers if we have them

There will be a second musician (Abe Walston) at $100.00 each to be paid by Studio 299

Mediha and Gil will meet with Ann and her husband Mark Saturday at 6:00 PM to see

what can be done to produce extra shade for the evening.

New Business:

*Willow Creek Walk 3rd Friday of every month. Will start June 18th, 5-8 PM

Patty Vanourney is planning a Willow Creek walk and wants to know if Studio 299 would be the starting point of this walk. It was Mediha’s understanding that Patty was working with the Chamber of Commerce.

There was much discussion. There did not seem to be enough information as to what businesses were involved and who was going to do what. The board felt that Studio 299’s location was too far out and would not be a good starting point and it would be better if Studio 299 had a booth on the mainstreet where there would be more action. Also there are not enough parking spaces at Studio 299 to support it being a starting point. The board suggested that the event start in the Commons where they could have music and food offered by local restaurants. It was decided to vote on the issue.

Gil made a motion that we help Patty by starting the Willow Creek Walk at Studio 299.

The board voted against the motion: 2 Yes, 6 No. the motion did not pass

* Liz will do a Crystal and Bead class June 26, 10-12 PM

$20.00 no more than 10 people

Mediha will have coffee and muffins

Meeting adjourned 7:45 PM

Next board meeting July 8 at Studio 299

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