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Minutes 7-8-2021

Present: Liz Brunner, Rozz Taplin, Suzanne Murphy, Ann Thompson, Gil and Mediha Saliba

Meeting called to order at 5:00 pm by mediha saliba

Old Business:

*June 12 dinner of Tapas and music went well. Everyone having a good time talking, however, kind of drowned the live musicians out. Maybe we need just canned music next time.

Mark Johnson put up a sunshade to help shade the tables in the back. Usually at 6:00 pm there is still a lot of sun on the tables. The new shade helped a lot. We paid Mark $150 for the materials.

* The Harvesmoon Homestead flower-crown-making and wine class was canceled due to too few attending. Mediha felt the class was too expensive at $65 and maybe wreathes would be better than crowns for our demographic.

New Business:

• July 15, 10-3- Ornament making workshop. Andy from Forest Service will help with the workshop and Forest Service donated the supplies. Michaela Walston will be there to instruct on bird and fish ornaments made from copper sheeting.

• Friday, June 16, 5-8 Willow Creek Walk. The Willow Creek walk that was such a success last month is canceled for July. Sadly the Walk has been canceled due to permitting issues. There is no word if they will do it again.

• Sara Johnson wants to use the kitchen every Thursday for Farmer’s market,

but may also want to do Saturday dinners and Sunday lunches. She would only be prepping in the kitchen, and then take her food out in her food truck. (Mama Ramen’s) The Board thought this was very exciting, but wanted to know if other’s could also use the kitchen for dinners. Mediha said she would check with Sara to see how flexible she could be.

Sara also asked if she could plant thai basil in one of Studio 299’s flower beds. Mediha said she could if she also took time to water them.

• Ann mentioned Luis wanted to do a takeout dinner on Sunday, July 25.

Mediha said, he would have to have his food safe certificate, deposit, and Paperwork in first, but that she would mention to Sara that July 25 Sunday, would not be available to her.

The Board was concerned that with take-out food being prepared for pick-up at the kitchen, might allow for people to loiter around for a party atmosphere and that kids may play on the planter walls unsupervised. Mediha said she would generate a document that participants would have to sign saying there would be no eating on site and that children attending the pick-up would be monitored.

• Ann Thompson gave Studio 299 15% of earnings from June 12 Tapas dinner. She asks that Studio 299 put it toward buying two more oven racks for the kitchen ovens.

Gil said he would order the wracks.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM

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