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Minutes 9-1-22

Studio 299 Board Meeting

September 1, 2022

Present: Sharon Grover, Razz Aucella Taplin, Donna Goldfarb, Michaela Walston, Gil and Mediha Saliba, Ann Thompson, Lucetta McLean

Old Business:

Kitchen freezer has been fixed by Town and Country from the coast

Tom from Campora installed the new thermostat in the oven. It took 3 hours

We have not gotten the bill for either yet.

Fire and Ice event, August 6: This event turned out to be a bust. Our hope was to put closure to last year’s fire, but suddenly we had a new fire storm to deal with. We tried to encourage people to just come with their stories and join us for some refreshments, but the new fire discouraged people from coming out to the event. Fire Art and poetry was up on the walls and Ann and Sara had made appetizers, but NO ONE came. The artists that were there stayed and we read poetry and told stories to each other.

New Business:

Michaela gave an update on what we will need to do for social club nights

We have ordered a new refrigerator for drinks

Michaela has brought some plants to put in the back where we will make a small sitting area.

Michaela gave some examples of what she wants to do with art and signature drinks.

She has obtained her alcohol servers license.

The board is pleased with what is being planned.

Mediha talked with Tyler, and he thinks the easiest way to update the grounds would be to add a fresh layer of good quality wood chips. Putting in grass would be expensive and so would laying pea gravel. Tyler will get back to Mediha with a price and time-line for when he could do the work.

Michaela suggested that we could do irrigation around the perimeter and do some plants to give the place some color.

Michaela also suggested that we have a workshop where we create colorful Peace Polls. We could put fence topper on the top of these 4x4 polls, or there are also toppers with solar lights.

We could paint these in different ways and make them different sizes. These would add nice color to the front of the property

We could also do a fundraiser and make them for the local businesses if they are interested.

After the new wood chips have been laid, we could further add color to the front area by placing colorful little outdoor rugs surrounded by colored Adirondack chairs. This, too encourage socializing.

October 1, Creekside is using the Studio 299 site for an event. We will not charge them a site fee as it is a fundraiser, but we will charge $10.00 an hour, not to exceed $100.00, for the kitchen. They can store food in the kitchen on Friday and may finish cleaning on Sunday.

Mediha still needs a contact person to communicate details.

Creekside School will continue to pay for Studio 299 Internet in return for their special education teacher using the upstairs office on Wednesdays during school.

Michaela and Sharon will look into what will be best for tablecloths for the front yard tables. Michaela wants oilcloth, but Sharon and Rozz suggested polyester. Both clean up easily.

Ceramic Spirit house making class with Rozz is yet to be scheduled.

Class will have no more than 4-5 people

We will get the clay for them and charge separately for that. They will each need a full bag.

Rozz feels the class will take a week to 10 days (with the need to bisque fire and glaze fire) but she will not need to be there the whole time. There should be some preliminary instruction on how to use the slab roller and the clay

(This is true only if the participants are beginners.)

Rozz and Mediha will talk about pricing. Presently it is too smoky from the fires. People don’t seem interested in going out to do any classes.

Michaela is considering doing a kids Art camp, or even a science camp.

What should we charge for that and how many teachers would we need is still undecided.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00.

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