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September 16, 2921 Minutes

Present: Liz Brunner, Rozz Taplin, Ann Thompson, Gil and Mediha Saliba, Michaela Walston, Sharon Grover.

Meeting called to order at 5:00 PM by Mediha Saliba

There was no meeting in August do to the Monument and Knob Fire both affecting people in Willow Creek and the surrounding areas. The uptick in Covid has also caused more caution.

Old Business

* kitchen wracks: Ann Thompson requested that the Studio 299 kitchen get an additional oven wrack for each oven. The wracks were ordered, have arrived, and have been installed in the kitchen ovens.

*August 14 Cannabis Alliance Dinner: No one from the Cannabis Alliance contacted Studio 299 to cancel their event. Even after Mediha tried to contact them, there was no response. After some discussion by the board it was decided that if someone reserves a date for an event, they should pay a $100 deposit. The deposit would be refunded if they canceled at least 10 days before their event. And if the event were held the deposit would go to offset the rent of the space.

*Capitol Christmas Tree Ornaments: We held to successful ornament events. Michaela Walston spearheaded the first with metal ornament making. Nearly 50 ornaments were made, Gil Saliba cut wooden fence boards to attach the metal ornaments, and Michaela and Andy (from Forest Service) made more metal ornaments on their own.

The second ornament event was with the quilters. The ladies gathered under the direction of Sharon Grover and made quilted Christmas trees. Andy (from Forest Service) was on hand to do sparkly embellishments on the trees. They finished with close to 50 trees and another 50 in various stages. Sharon Grover took the unfinished trees and finished them off at home. Judy Gallamore, on of the lady quilters made another 200 trees at home, so we were happy with the outcome.

New Business:

Kitchen: Leah May is cooking take-out dinners in the kitchen this weekend, September 18. There was some discussion over advertising. It was felt that we should do more advertising for her and that we could also post her cooking evenings on the Willow Creek Bulletin Board.

Pottery Studio: PJ would like to do a pottery-glazing event. He has bisque bowls, woodpeckers, and blue jays from which people can select. They can then glaze the pottery and PJ will fire them and have them ready to pick up. Cost will be a sliding scale as different piece cost differently. Mediha will talk to PJ about a date and further details.

PJ wanted to know if he could give the combination of the gate and the pottery studio to others, who pay an additional guild fee. There are apparently those who want to come at times when PJ isn’t available. The board voted this down unanimously. Studio 299 cannot have strangers on site without supervision.

Also the board felt that PJ’s dog was setting a precedence that Studio 299 did not want to have. Mediha would talk to PJ about leaving his dog home.

Holiday Boutique: The date will be November 20, 10AM-4PM

In the past Studio 299 has always collected 15% of people’s earnings, but that was when Studio 299 did all the selling and watched over the arts and crafts inside the gallery. Last year we had to move everything outside due to Covid-19 and artists took care of their own art and were happier doing so.

Mediha Saliba proposed that we continue with the outdoor protocol, and charge a booth fee instead of the 15%. That way Studio 299 could get paid in advance of the event and have spots reserved.

After some discussion the board agreed that $30 per booth was fair with an additional $10.00 if another artist joined in the same booth. Everyone agreed.

Ann Thompson will again make lunch in the kitchen.

Sharon Grover will do Posters

Mediha Saliba will send the artists a letter with all the updates and a reservation form.

Ann Thompson will check with her husband, Mark, to see if he could do something with the big round table, which is looking rather frail and shabby. She will get back to us on it.

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