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Studio 299 Board Meeting November 4, 2021

We have not had a meeting in the last few months because too many of our board members had to evacuate at different times due to fire. Between the Monument and Knob fire, and Covid-19 protocol things have been crazy. Last month we only had Ann come to the meeting.

Present today: Gil and Mediha Saliba, Sharon Grover, Rozz Taplin, Ann Thompson, Michaela Walston

Old Business:

*Due to the many issues in the Pottery Studio and finally the kiln being over fired and destroyed, we will temporarily close the pottery studio while we look for a new kiln and a new pottery manager. While this was being discussed the past manager texted to ask if he could bring his kiln and fire at the studio. Mediha read the text to the board.

Rozz made a motion that we do not let the past manager fire at the studio and that if he wants to continue as a student he will have to wait until the pottery studio reopens sometime in January. Sharon seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

*Special thanks to Ann and Mark, Gil and Mediha for helping to fix the big round table. It looks brand new now.

*Thank you to Mark Thompson for taking down the outdoor canopy and storing it at his home.

New Business:

*Shivani will be renting the kitchen Nov. 10 after school

*Leah May will be renting the kitchen November 17 & 18

* Paula, a new member in our community, called and wants to give crochets classes starting January. She will give an open workshop January 8, 1-3 PM

* The quilters would like a date in December if possible. Sharon said she would look at her calendar and email the quilters with a date in early December

Holiday Boutique

• There will be a few people in the gallery: Gil Saliba, Jennifer Peterson, who need wall space, and a couple jewelers who do not have a tent.

• Liz had talked about a children’s booth, but since she was not present at this meeting, and since none of the other member knew her thoughts, the children’s booth was tabled, but Sharon noted the kids actually enjoy looking at the different craft tents, and those artists who would like could have a section where they could have art specially priced for children.

• Ann has her daughter Sara helping her in the kitchen. Ann has her menu ready and it will include some yummy, hearty soups. The kitchen will also offer beer by the bottle. Creeksdie students are fundraising so they will do dessert and coffee.

• Miles Garrett Winery is pouring their selection of wines at the bar. They will sell it by the glass.

• It was decided to do a raffle. Sharon brought a lovely basket and Mediha will try to collect some interesting items to put inside. The Raffle basket will be on display at the front entrance along with hand sanitizer and extra masks.

• Sharon and Mediha will think on how to do some decorations. They will check with liz, who usually brings greens from her Cedar tree.

• Sharon brought samples of signs, regarding NO DOGS PLEASE. Mediha will laminate them.

• We will plan to set up under the eaves regardless, and watch the weather report to see if rain is in the forecast. Vendors can also set up in the lunch area, but we will have to move the lunch benches out. We will wait to see what we do.

• Sharon suggested that we contact the artists and tell them to bring their items for set up earlier that the 4-6 as suggested. This time of year it will be cold and dark by then. Mediha said she would email them and change the time to 10-4, as Board members would be at the Studio to decorate.

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