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Studio 299 began in June 1986 as an informal gathering of friends, craftsmen, and artists. Within six months the group evolved into a formal organization, and by 1987 had become a non-profit public benefit corporation. Over the years, Studio 299 has sustained by grants; bake sales, and rummage sales. We have organized community poetry readings, the popular Harvest Moon Festival, and members have participated in painting of two Willow Creek murals-- both of which still exist today.

            More recently, Studio 299 has experienced new growth and began taking on an even larger role in community! We have hosted and sponsored ongoing events and projects that encourage the local community to gather and enjoy the vibrant local food and arts culture together. In 2012, we purchased 75 The Terrace which has become our permanent home in Willow Creek. Over the years, we have created a multipurpose space complete with an art gallery, pottery workshop and commercial kitchen where we can connect with our community more than we have ever before!

            Check us out and we look forward to seeing you soon!     

No upcoming events at the moment

Mission Statement

Studio 299 Center for the Arts is dedicated to the promotion of the arts and arts education in the Klamath/Trinity Area and surrounding communities.

Contact Studio 299 Arts

75 The Terrace Rd


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